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Behold, Yerushalam, city of the sanctuary, has been handed over to wild animals. Our inheritance has become like the desert. We no longer hear rejoicing, and there is none who seeks יְהוָה. Woe to us, for the wrathe of יְהוָה has come upon us, and there is no one to hear our wounds. Like an unloved wife Yisra’el neglects her babies, and my beloved people has become cruel. She has become like a woman abandoned and miserable, whose husband has left her. She has become like a woman whose life is bitter and all her daughters are like those in morning for their husbands, and like those bereft of their only children, Yerushalam, who keeps on weeping, tears on her cheek for her children.

Yom ha-Kipporim

Yahadut Rabanit (Rabanical Judaism), under Hillel II, circa 330-365CE, established a fixed calendar that is based upon mathematical and astronomical calculations, to create a calendar that is supposed to be both a solar and lunar calendar; however, previously Yahadut in general strictly followed a lunar calendar. 

With this lunar calendar, each new month began with the sighting of the crescent new moon. Each new year began with the sighting of the new moon, and the finding of the 'aviv, which is a type of grain grown in the Middle East, an event that takes place during the Spring months, but through influence from the Babylonians, Yahadut Rabanit established that the new year began in what the Torah refers to as the seventh month of our calendar.

I, however, along with other people within Yahadut , but outside the spectrum of Yahadut Rabanit, still hold to the strictly lunar calendar, and the idea that the new year begins with the sighting of the crescent new moon, and the finding of the 'aviv during the Spring.  This causes me, and others who are of the subculture of Yahadut Qara'it, and other subcultures, to sometimes observe certain important events important ot B'nai Yisra'el on different days then those of the subculture of Yahadut Rabanit.

This is the case with Yom ha-Kipporim (Day of Atonements) this season. Those of Yahadut Rabanit observed Yom ha-Kipporim from sundown on Friday, September 21, 2007 through the close of Yom ha-Shabbath (the Sabbath day) on Saturday, September 22, 2007; however, Yahadut Qara'it is observing Yom ha-Kipporim from the close of Yom ha-Shabbath on Saturday, September 22, 2007 through sundown on Sunday, September 23, 2007. And since tonight begins Yom ha-Kipporim for me, according to my particular subculture, I write the following with full knowledge of what today is, Yom ha-Kipporim.


All praise be to You, יְהוָה, the deity of Avraham, the deity of Yitshaq, the deity of Ya’aqov, my deity! There is none besides You! You are eternal, and all Your ways endure for eternity without end; there is none besides You.

I will find the proper reply to declare Your righteous deeds, יְהוָה, for truth and justice are Yours, and praise belongs to Your name. In my mouth shall be heard neither foolishness nor deceit; neither fraud nor lies shall be discovered upon my lips. Rather, the fruits of truth and justice will be upon my tongue –wrong-doing will not be found thereon. For thanksgiving I will open my mouth, the truth and justice of Your Torah will my tongue recount always.

Blessed are You, יְהוָה, who has opened to knowledge and understanding the mind of Your servant. Establish all of his works in truth; raise up the son of Your handmaiden, if it please You, to assist in restoring Sefer HaTorah to its proper position, as the Constitution of ‘Erets Yisra’el.

Who can measure Your glory? Who, indeed, is man among Your glorious works? As what can he, born of a woman, be reckoned before You? Is he not kneaded from the dust? Is not his body the bread of worms? He is so much spit, mere nipped-off clay, and for clay is his longing.

Help me to guide those who seek knowledge and understanding of Your Torah, to do that which is good and upright before You, just as You had written down through the hands of Mosheh bin-Amram, and all of Your servants, the Prophets.

Help me to practice truth together with humility, charity, justice, and loving-kindness in all my ways. Help me to circumcise the foreskin of this nature, this stiff neck, and so establish a foundation of truth for all Yisra’el.

Who is like You, the deity of Yisra’el, in the heavens and on earth, that he can perform in accordance with Your great works and Your great strength? And who is like Your people Yisra’el, who You have chosen for Yourself from all the peoples of the lands, to establish a nation, with the Torah as her Constitution? I pray that she turns back to You soon, and the Torah is restored to its proper position!

Rejoice, all you cities of Yuhudha, open your gates forever that the wealth of all nations might be brought to you, and their kings shall serve you. And those that oppressed you shall prostrate themselves before you, and the dust of your feet they will lick. Daughters of my people, shout out with the voice of joy, adorn yourselves with ornaments of glory.

You are the deity of my ancestors, יְהוָה. We will bless Your name forever, for we are an eternal people. You have established a covenant with our ancestors, and we will establish if for their offspring throughout the ages of eternity. In all the testimonies of Your glory there has been remembrance of Your loving-kindness in our midst as an assistance to the remnant of the survivors for the sake of Your covenant, our Constitution, and to recount Your works of truth and the judgments of Your wondrous strength, because You, יְהוָה, have created us for You as an eternal people, and into truth and justice You cast us in accordance with Your Torah.

I love You freely, and with all of my heart, I will bless You, and give thanks for Your insight. I give thanks to You, who has placed knowledge and understanding in the heart of Your servant.

Language Families and Race

Another thought that I have, which is only speculative, is that "race" or "culture" is based upon language sub-families. This would make "races" or "cultures" such as Semitic, Germanic, Asiatic, Romantic, Egyptian, Berber, Cushitic, and etc. These would be a persons "race" or "culture", and then within each of these there might exist several "subcultures" which are a development of the "race" or "culture" as a whole.

I ponder this idea, based upon the idea that most Semitic people think alike, have similar customs, and similar religions, similar societal structure, even if they are not 100% identical. The same is true of most Romantic people, and Germanic people, and Asiatic people.

And many years ago I took a linguistics course that proposed two ideas: 1) languages are a product of our thought proces; 2) or our thought process is a product of our languages. This would advocate that those who share a common language are going to share a common "culture", and thus I would deem these various language sub-families as "races".

The only issue with this to which I have not found a solution, is the case where you have a person whose culture is clearly of Semitic origins, and thought, but they are fluent in English, which is a Germanic language. Or a person whose culture is clearly of Asiatic origins, and thought, but they are fluent in English, or another language outside of their base sub-family. I have no clue how to account for this, which is the case that I myself am in. I do not like think like most people who speak English, but I am fluent in English.

I think this is where language goes back to thought, and expression, and thus culture, and even though I am fluent in English, I still do not use it in the same way that other English speakers use the language per se, but, rather, I find within it what tools I need to express myself according to culture and my thoughts.

This is similar to those who were born in other countries where their culture is entirely different, and their language is not English, but then they move to the United States, and have to learn English to function; however, their culture and identity is still based primarily on their base language, which is the language of their cultural identity, whatever that might be.

I also think this is why Rav (Rabbi) Yuhudha Hadassi, a Turkish born Jew, whose subculture was Yahadut Qara'it (Karaite Judaism), stated within his ten principles that it was our duty as Jews to speak, read, and write Hebrew. I think that he understood that thoughts and language go hand-in-hand with one another, and to remain our culture, which is based upon the Torah, which is written in Hebrew, that we must retain Hebrew as our language. However, Yuhudha Hadassi was fluent in Arabic, so while he made this declaration, I do not think he meant that we were to not learn other languages, merely retain our own so we would retain our identity and culture.

And this might be a bit ethnocentric, but one of the issues that Yahadut Qara'it has with Yahadut Rabanit for a long time, since both are subcultures of Yahadut, is that Yahadut Qara'it believes that Yahadut Rabanit has allowed outside influence to subvert the culture of Yahadut; thus, creating a culture that was not the culture of our ancestors, and not based upon Torah.  And I think this in part was a part of the declaration made by Yuhudha Hadassi, because Hebrew at that time was rarely spoken by those of Yahadut Rabanit culture, who in various locations had adopted other tongues as their primary languages, such as Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Spanish, and etc. And I think that he noticed that over time, even though the culture of Yahadut did not completely disappear, it morphed into something that it had not been before, when it was the culture of mere Hebrew speakers.

Issue of Linguistics

On page 147 of the book Native American Heritage written by Merwyn S. Garbarino and Robert F. Sasso it states, “When Plateau people did any raiding, it was almost always against another linguistic group, and the raiding party was no more than a few volunteers.”  


I find that it is of interest that even among some Native American tribal groups that the idea of race was an issue of linguistics, i.e. language-spoken, and if the same language was spoken by one, or more of the tribal groups, then they recognized themselves to be one people, or culturally related.

Dawn and the Night

From Mount Sinai’s eternal flame I was born

To swarm through the vortex of time’s storm

To a generation where all has been lost

A people died in the face of a Holocaust

Blood crying out from the ground going unheard

The whole world ignores the things that disturb

As Rwanda faces the horrors of a genocide

And just like my people, no one cares if they die

A happy life, pretty sites, that’s all people want

Too afraid of the truth that lies at the front

This world is a world that’s bound in hatred

It’s a cultural thing, that’s the face of a being racist

It has nothing to do with a person’s color of skin

What do you think the Klan thinks of Eminem?

It’s all stupid, the teachings of the uneducated and ignorant

DNA has proven that the Jewish people have colors slants

But they’re all related from the Falashas to the Ashkenasi

Black and white people of a common philosophy

A common genetic code, and extra Y-Chromosone

To any other people beside the Jewish people, unknown

But it’s known to those that are both black and white

Among Jewish tribal affiliations combining the dawn and the night



Cultural Relativity

Cultural relativity is one of the most important concepts in anthropological studies and diversity relations, but at the same time one of the most problematic. Can one be open-minded and willing to understand cultural differences, but at the same time consider that some practices, however traditional, are bad?


I think the answer to this lies in the realization that while something may be considered as wrong within one’s own culture, does not make it wrong, merely different. I personally think it is wrong to eat swine, or shell fish, but I live in a nation where many people eat these meats, so I could condemn them as all being “evil”, or merely accept that we have two different cultural understandings, and I opt for the second, because it makes life much easier.


At the same time, I believe polygamy is completely acceptable,  and that a girl becomes a woman at the onset of her menstrual cycle, but Western Culture considers these ideas to be wrong, and thus condemns them as wrong, and cannot merely see them as different.


I also think it is completely acceptable for female bisexuality to exist, along with lesbianism, and I am indifferent toward male homosexuality, due to different plausible understandings of the text the Torah that so-called prohibits homosexuality. Also Euro-American Christian culture (which dominates the area in which I live) condemns these also as wrong.


With most things foreign to my understanding, I tend to look at their acceptance from other peoples, as merely being different, not wrong per se.

Los Diarios de Motocicleta

Since my betroth, and I first saw the preview for Los diarios de motocicleta while watching another film playing at the AMC 18 in the Grapevine Mills Mall we have want to watch it.


We are avid independent film geeks, finding talent where most might not look, because they pay attention only to that which mainstream Hollywood puts on to the big screen. We watch quite a few foreign films, in all languages, with subtitles if we cannot understand them, and we also watch a lot of Sundance films.


I, more so than her, am also somewhat of an independent music geek, finding talent in what most people may never hear, because they stray true to the Billboard charts only, and mainstream radio which plays the same damn old songs over and over again all damn day long.


I am not sure of the reason, but we never made it to the actual theater to watch Los diarios de motocicleta, so consequently it faded out of our minds, and was forgotten until around two weeks ago when it became a part of my class room curriculum for Latin American Civilization and Culture course that I am taking at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am glad that my professor, Dr. Conway, had us watch this film in class as an assignment. Because of such, I rented the film from Hollywood Movies so that Jessica and I could watch, and now I am writing my opinions about it based upon the anthropological observation that Professor Baldon has helped me to obtain.


I may not be the best person to critic this film, seeing that it is entirely in Spanish, with English subtitles, but that is exactly what I am about to attempt.


Given, I can read Spanish decently, and write Spanish decently, and when spoken to me at a slow speed I can also understand it decently, depending on the accent and dialect in which it is spoken.


I am torn on my opinion of the film:


I think that it is a decent drama for the eyes of the mild spectator who is merely watching the film to watch a film without concern with the issues happening within the film, but for the person concerned with the issues within the film, it is quite weary and drab, lacking the emotion that it takes to bring about change.


This film, produced by Robert Redford and directed by Walter Salles, is about the beginnings of Ernesto Che Guevara, and his road to Socialism. The movie covers a period of time his life when him and his good friend Alberto Granado took a road trip on the back of a motorcycle as their journey into adulthood. During the course of their journey Ernesto found himself to be sympathetic to the what he found to be injustices in Latin America which in history led him to later revolt against these injustices in the manner that he saw fit.


This film takes a mild approach to his emotions over these felt injustices in a manner that does not inflect outrage, or compassion, but rather only shows that he had a mild concern for those who he came in contact with that he felt were treated wrongly.


The best part of the film as far as Ernesto’s view on the relations between humankind, and a precursor to his Socialist views is during a scene that takes place toward the end of the film where he is a intern doctor at a leprosy camp where he refuses to follow the rules establish by the Catholic nuns there taking care of the lepers, who state that all handling the lepers are to wear gloves. Ernesto and Alberto refuse to wear gloves, because when treated leprosy is not contagious. In this he places himself and the lepers on the same level with one another, making no division between them and him, and this is a notion of Karl Marx’ Socialist ideas that Guevara attached himself unto during his adult life.

Insane with "Insomnia"

Here I sit at 4:12 AM, all alone, because Jessica’s with her parent's and sister camping over Thanksgiving. She wanted for me to go with them, but I had some work to finish up at work, and a 5-to-6 page paper to write in Spanish about Hugo Chavez, along with listening to a public speaker speak on some topic, and give an analysis of their speech. I finished almost all of my work at work already, and I finished my paper in Spanish, but I still have to finish my speech analysis.
So I sit here unable to sleep, in a state of insomnia. This seems to always happen to me when Jessica is not in my presence. I cannot become comfortable enough without her here for me to properly allow myself to slumber into a state of rest. Thus, I tend to read a little, to check my emails, maybe write a blog entry such as this one, read other people's blog entries, listen to music, study a little, write poetry, ponder my thoughts about any and all topics -- anything until I get tired enough to fall asleep, only to wake up two-to-three hours later, because I have to head off to work, and work a full days work.
I sit here, thinking to myself, I am truly blessed!
There are things that I want that I do not have, do not get me wrong, and some of these even fall in the lines of me, and Jessica, but still, I have Jessica, and thus I am truly blessed!
She is the very air that I breathe, a drug to which I am addicted, my savory portion. I love her with every bit of existence that I can claim to be my own, wanting her, and lusting after her in the morning, in the noon, and in the night!
My ancestor Sholomo ben Dawidh wrote a sonnet that barely touches the outer skin the way that I feel for Jessica, my desires for Jessica, and the fire that burns within the course of my existence for her radiant beauty.
Some people condemn the words I use to portray my love to her, stating that it is too erotic, too sexual, too pornographic, for a man who worships YHWH to use when speaking about, or speaking to his love, his beauty.
But, still, I write the words of my heart, not allowing myself to be swayed by them, and their self-proclaimed morality which is not inline with my morality, a morality not based upon my own lustful desires, but rather upon my understanding of the Torah, and what it truly states, and does not state, especially since they are unable to show proof as to my error and wrong-doing.
I love Jessica’s beauty, both internal and external. Both her mind plus her heart, along with the savory flesh of her body.
I love the long talks that we have, or once had, since they are not frequent anymore (since, as of late we are both always too tired to stay up all that late), in the mere hours of the morning when had both yet to go to sleep, about anything, and everything.
I love us being able to discuss controversial topics with one another, and be open with one another, and discuss our fantasies and desires with one another no matter what they might be without the threat of the other condemning us for what those fantasies and desires might be, realizing that the other is not necessarily going to carry out these fantasies, or desires if they do disagree with such, but rather it is what it is -- a fantasy.
I love us being able to see the beauty within one another when the rest of society might look upon us in disgust not understanding the real us that lies within.
I love the feel of her soft freckled flesh against the palm of my hand, and on the tips of my fingers as I rub my fingers across it gently, attempting to send shivers of ecstasy throughout the course of Jessica’s body.
I love the feel of my lips to her lips as they touch one another in kiss, allowing are lips to nibble at each other.
I love the feel of our tongues caressing one another in delight as they share intimate feelings of passion that burn within us waiting to be released, but not being released, to allow the tension to build within us.
I love the way her beauty captivates my eyes sending messages of delightful pleasure to my brain making me lover her even more, and lust after her dearly.
I love the way that my mouth feels wrapped out her savory pink nipples as my tongue flicks across it making it hard, knowing that if one is done that it’s sister must also be taken care of properly.
I love the way that my cock feels inside the sweetness of her pussy every time that we have intercourse with one another, the warmth, and the pressure, and the texture. Her pussy is truly one of the most delightful objects of infatuation that I have encountered, for I am completely infatuated by its loveliness.
It has been 9 months since we last had sexual relations with one another, and I am fearful that it will come upon a year, and still there will be none, but I pray that such is not the case.
All-in-all, I love Jessica with all of my heart, with all of my being, and with every ounce of strength that resides within me. 


Shane has natural preferences that engender curiosity about the nature of things and about "what makes things tick." In addition, motivational levels are highest where activities allow thinking focused on the inquisitive, exploratory, analytical, and experimental.


Shane has a logical mind which "makes sense" of what is perceived regarding the big picture and pieces of the picture within the context of that big picture. It is evaluation or assessment after perception, not the process of perception itself. Emphasis is on patterns, linkage, and relationships. Intuition may be involved in conjunction with this evaluation/assessment process.


Philosophical, cultural, scientific, literary, managerial, and/or computational work, more than likely, represent very important types of mental activities for Shane. Being capable in those activities, Shane's mind is naturally receptive to consider abstract ideas, theory, concepts, inquiry, exploration, analysis, logic, systems, and procedures. Factors in this aptitude section, plus the data and reasoning sections show the degree of motivation and talent Shane has for each of those mental activities. High rating for this trait indicates an intellectual orientation that is functional in, or has potential for, academic, scientific, research, literary, executive, or consulting activities.

This high drive to negotiate is intellectual more than psychological, assertive more than aggressive, logical more than emotional, strategically winning the contest more than persuasively winning a skirmish. Shane is strongly motivated to represent one position in a confrontation of different views and objectives and is motivated and determined to apply logic, strategies, and communicative skills to cause agreement, compromise, concession, or submission by opposing positions or views. Persuasion is probably involved; at least it is an asset, but it is not essential. Intimidation may be involved, but it is considered a poor tool for achieving objectives. Strategic thinking is preferred as the key element and is also represented in the reasoning section.

Shane is motivated toward activities involving mechanical engineering, including: 1) mechanical awareness of assembly, fabrication, operation, leverage, motion, force, and power, 2) design and/or draw technical plans, 3) technical, statistical, and numerical analysis, and 4) layout and installation. This highly motivated engineering orientation probably means professional dedication to a major engineering vocation.

Compiling means more than simply gathering large volumes of data sheets and stuffing them in a filing cabinet. It means that Shane is motivated to find, identify, classify, store, remember, and retrieve what is important or what might be important for future use. (NOTE: This is crucial for researchers, technical writers, lawyers, academic teachers, consultants, systems engineers, and programmers). This trait indicates a subconscious preference we could refer to as a "packrat" orientation, i.e., if it glitters; stuff it in the nest along with everything else because it might be useful sometime.

Shane applies scientific/technical/logical thinking (to the fullest extent this ability exists) to identify, analyze, and solve challenges and/or problems; to collect data, establish facts, connect abstract and concrete variables, draw valid conclusions, determine appropriate action, devise strategies and systems to achieve objective  (NOTE: This is engineering in the industrial and technical sense). Shane probably relates to the following quote as it illustrates this trait: "What marks the mind of the strategist is an intellectual elasticity or flexibility that enables him to come up with realistic responses to changing conditions. In strategic thinking, one first seeks a clear understanding of the particular character of each element of a situation and then makes the fullest possible use of human brainpower to restructure the elements in the most advantageous way."

Shane is motivated to work with a wide variety of theoretical math concepts; make original application of those concepts; apply knowledge of advanced mathematical or statistical techniques to new areas of challenge, interest, or opportunity. Motivation is derived from conceptual, analytical, curious, and exploratory thinking. Research and theoretical logic probably appeal greatly to Shane's mind.


Shane is highly motivated to consider creative writing and communicating at professional levels. Preferences are holistic, conceptual, imaginative, and creative. "Ideas trigger more ideas" can probably be said about Shane. High motivational levels for this worker trait indicate an interactive combination of literary and philosophical traits. As Dean W. R. Inge said, "Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art." That probably makes a great deal of sense to Shane. Motivation at this level indicate preferences that probably include writing fiction, poetry, scripts for movies or television, advertising copy, marketing copy, teaching creative writing, etc.

Y'all Goin' to Hate Me

May there be a road through this darkness that I call life

That leads to better times lacking of misery and strife

Where everything smells as sweet as smoke from an altar

Where my purpose is clear, where I know why I bother

To work hard every day, in every way, giving it my all

To prove to the world that I can be both intelligent and raw

With these hands, I'm a man, they say that the strong shall live

So I fight for my life, through the strife, to be the best at this shit

Above the norm of nature's savagery, I'm bent on teaching knowledge

Not even taught on the pages of the textbooks of a college

Knowledge that is hidden in the ancient texts of the wise

Understood by very few even though gazed on by many eyes

Knowledge that brings salvation to a generation, destroying the beast

Removing the West from the East, 'cause blessed be the East

This is the feast, an organized meeting of the tribal clans

Of the children of Avraham, set in the Promised Land




Some of y'all goin' to hate me after this, and that's what I want

As long as you seek for yourself, instead of what you been taught

The knowledge is there, all one has to do is some study

And soon they'll see that the lines drawn, are kind of muddy


Those that sew good, reap good, and that's the God's honest truth

But even if you sew good, sometimes that sewing turns against you

What would Jesus do? I hear this question more often than not

Spoken by those who've never attepte to walk as Jesus walked

Then reap havoc upon those that walk his walk without thought

'Cause since birth, the same teachings he was taught, they were taught

Hypocritical bastards, how you goin' to pass judgment on me

When I believe closer than you the same as your Jesus believed

You see, Jesus was a Jew, and if one was to truly study

They'd figure out that the doctrines of Christianity are clearly muddy

Nothing he ever taught wasn't already taught in the schools of the Jews

He was a Pharisee, and I'm a Sadducee, that's the difference in us two

How would he judge you? If he were to judge you - what would Jesus do?

Would he bless and honor you, or say, "Get the fuck away from me dude!"

After all, true salvation is in the message, and not the one speaking it

And Jesus never once said, "Believe in me" over "Keep the commandments"




Some of y'all goin' to hate me after this, and that's what I want

As long as you seek for yourself, instead of what you been taught

The knowledge is there, all one has to do is some study

And soon they'll see that the lines drawn, are kind of muddy


I'm a poet, with poetical discourses prophetic in nature

The shit that I spit is my utmost attempt as an Emcee to rape ya

With the depths of my creativity that show the signs of the times

Lyrically challenging young minds with prophetic lines

To elevate them in wisdom to a status that exceeds the norm

Sworn to seek always seek the truth in the eye of the storm

Be original, never seek the minimal, remember to be critical

Never blindly follow anyone, I don't mean to sound so cynical

But Muhammed was a Midianite like unto Moses' father-in-law

Through study a person will see that Bethel is the true Ka'ba

Laying within the midst of the heart of the "Valley of Bakka"

Mentioned by melekh Dawidh in the 84th Psalm

Muhammed was not a Muslim, at least not by today's standards

He was a Midianite, Ishmaelite, Samaritan Torah enhancer

And like unto Christianity, his teachings got twisted by the gentiles

Created in a new religion that has spread thousands of miles

In every direction under the sun trying to wipe out the truth

Of the true beliefs of Muhammed and Muhammed's historical roots

Muhammed was not even his name, it was a title given him

Ahmed was his true name, given to him in the land of Midian




Some of y'all goin' to hate me after this, and that's what I want

As long as you seek for yourself, instead of what you been taught

The knowledge is there, all one has to do is some study


And soon they'll see that the lines drawn, are kind of muddy

Worst Nightmare

Well it's a new day, Habit is back, I will not fall off

Cease and desist, flip the script, and become soft

At all cost, always stay true to my name

Addictive, hard to break, bad for you, like Cocaine

I won't change, the shit that I spit is real

Like a gun in the hand of a murderer it kills

The illusions of a society poised in falsehood

Built about as sturdy as a house out of Bossel wood

It crumbles, prayerfully to never be resurrected again

I wasn't born into sin, nope, I chose to sin

I'm not like most men, I'm wicked and I know it

Because all the days of my life I've been told this

Because I expose shit, and won't leave well enough alone

Because my Grandma taught me young, "If its wrong, its wrong!"

"Study for yourself son, don't merely believe what people tell you"

"So when you stand before His throne, your judgment will be on you"






I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you


]I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you



"Satan made me do it!" "Satan made me do it!", no, fuck that!

Say that shit before His throne, and I bet the true god will laugh

And respond back, "Did I not give you a will of your own?"

"You're not a kid, you made a choice, why can't you act grown?"

"Face your punishment like a man, and quit placing the blame?"

"If Adam would of done thus, then nothing would be the same!"

"I know you're not perfect, all I wanted was for you to repent"

"Then due to cause and effect,  gladly accept your punishment"

"But you chose to play 'the place the blame game' like a child"

"Believing that a man's blood would do away with your vile"

"Evil, depraved, wretched and wicked ways that I don't condone"

"If you'd listened to Yekhez'qel, my Prophet, you'd know your on your own"

"Only you can approach me on your behalf, so be prepared"

"Quit placing blame, give your report, and damn right be scared!”

I bet that's what He'd say if you ever pulled a trick like that

"Satan made me do it!" Satan made me do it!”, no, fuck that!






I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you


I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you



Reasoning is a must, see Solomon had seven-hundred wives

Check this, I ask you, how was he able to fuck them at night?

Seven-hundred wives, only three-hundred sixty-five days in a year

Do the math, it's impossible for a nation's king, this is clear

Now let's cause fear, in the minds of moralistic Christians

I dare you to find in the Bible something against lesbianism, a prohibition!

Or better yet, one against female bisexuality, even polgamy, against bigamy

I'll make you a bet that when Solomon was too busy, his wives were eating pussy

Belly dancing, decked out, dressed like sluts, draped up, in a harem

Thoughts likes this, spoken to most Christians, scares them

 "Could it be true? And if it is, then what in the hell do we do?"

"Naw, it can't be true, it's just some stupid nonsense from a Jew"

"And Jews don't know anything, because they don't believe in Christ"

"Let's turn this shit off, before we hear some more of his lies"

Then they cry, because they realize, they damn well could be wrong

For they have never picked up a Bible, and studied on their own






I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you


I'm a Rabbi's worst nightmare, I'm not one to blindly believe

I think for myself, apply reason, and most importantly - I read!

That's me, you see, this is how I know what I believe is the truth

For me, you see, now go study yourself, and see what's true for you


My religion is the religion of the burning bush

Spoken over tracks with the music styles of the land of Kush

I'm a poet, mystical but gothic, label me a prophet

I write lyrics to educate minds, not to earn a profit off of it

"The beginning of wisdom" is engraved within my reason and logic

Sending messages through the atmosphere that leave people nostalgic

In yearning, burning,  like a slut in need of some cheap sex

I set fire to the world as I came through the portal of heaven's vortex

A criminal who's subliminal and critical of those who seek the minimal

No desire to elevate themselves higher than the average, its un-spiritual

Elemental, lacking what it takes for a person to survive

To rise up in the ranks, to distant banks, among this bee hive

Where the spirit of Wu directs attitude moulding our lives

Into more than mere mortal rap stars who rock mics at dives

Labeled as scholars, philosophers, poets, and prophets

Like the seed of Avraham its evident that no-one can stop us

We're eternal, forever shaping the very essence of mankind

Clan destined to shape the world as a light unto the blind

A sign for those in the world searching for an answer

Look into the moon light and you'll see me, a shadow dancer

Bringing lyrics that are more sick than a bitch with Cancer

Lying in her death bed awaiting death's angel to appear

Because Azazel was not pleased with his sacrifical goat this year

So her name was erased from the pages of life's book

That's enough knowledge, philosophical logic, it's time for the hook

Habit's Chamber

This is chamber music, coming straight from the chamber

Infested, molested, with the nuances of pure danger

Lyrical word-play that presses hard against one's brain

Leaving the weak minded in terror, mentally blood stained

I'm not here to make peace, nah, I want to set fire to the world

Set fire to the depraved mind's of every little boy and girl

Who has been taught to believe blindly and not think for themselves

Shit, what's this, a world of Pinocchio's on market, for sale

To the highest bidder, also known as our government

Neo-Nazi confederation of right wing Christian coalitionists

Who want to bring all nations together under the reign of one leader

Mindless puppets controlled by the words of a Christian preacher

Who adds to the very words that God gave to mankind

Making himself to be the intermediary between God and mankind

A world of followers has arisen, bread and intertwined

Into a new breed of mankind, a culture of souls utterly lost in time

With no unique pressence of what I call "true personality"

Lost to a world of lies and half-truths lacking the mindset of reality

Hind sight is 20/20 in a holocaust of worthless fatalities

Too all the Christians of this world, I refuse to pay your salaries


Polar opposite consciousness, dropping my name

Because labels are toxic, got brothers on other planes

We all fighting with conflict, cops and local conquests

Philosophical  topics with souls as accomplices

Like professional novices equal to my accomplishments

Beyond habitation started on star continents

Flows like phosphorous, gas and hot glass

Concoctions, circular from my sacral cocyxx

You know you can’t stop this, still alive with no options

Stay high, flight wit unidentified objects

These skylines climb where many become one

Sons of God anonymous, hear me like tribal drums


Into the mind of a sociopath killer come and take a look

At shit more terroristic and deadly than the "Anarchist Cook Book"

I want a war, blood of innocent victims crying out to their "lord"

Not merely a few hundred, but a thousand depraved hordes

Of human souls guilty of acts of anti-Semiticism

Eye for an eye, its time for my people to get their revenge

Sanctioned by a power more powerful than any human element

Blow the trumpet and watch as your cities crumble, bringing' lament

Devastation, you trying' to pray to God to have Him show His mercy

But His mercy is lost toward those that have hurt me

And all the rest of the people that He refers to as His children

You should've though about that first before you thought about killing' them

But you were jealous and wanted to see them die

Needed someone to blame for you misgivings so you created lies

Reasons to send an entire race of people like lambs to the slaughter

From grandparents to parents, to sons and daughters

Never really giving any thought about what was to come

Then I was born, the prosecutor to prosecute and execute in the execution


Figures constantly trying to judge me lift themselves up above me

It's hard being me sometimes, knowing that no-body loves me

They think of me as being some kind of, what was that? A Wanksta

All because I wear boots and Wranglers I cannot be a gangsta

"I'm fake!" These are their words, I've heard them more then once

But lyrically I can rip them a part like I was a dick splitting virgin cunts

I've a young heart but with a soul that is classified as ancient

If I was to really spit, the wickedness out my mouth would label me a mental patient

So I spit soft shit that's merely a glimpse of the man that I am

Throw up my hands and give props to all those that I consider my fam.

This is a unsaturated, you cannot perpetrate what I call reality

In my neck of the woods, gangsta not about a style of dress, it's a mentality


Avlei Zion

Latest Month

September 2007